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2 years ago

7.1.1 (2020-12-08)


  • bf09e719c @npmcli/arborist@2.0.0
    • Much stricter tree integrity guarantees
    • Fix issues where the root project is a symlink, or linked as a
  • 7ceb5b728 ini@1.3.6
  • 77c6ced2a make-fetch-happen@8.0.11
    • Avoid caching headers that are hazardous or unnecessary to leave lying around (authorization, npm-session, etc.)
    • #38 Include query string in cache key (@jpb)
  • 0ef25b6cd libnpmsearch@3.1.0:
    • Update to accept query params as options, so we can paginate. (@nlf)
  • 518a66450 @npmcli/config@1.2.4:
    • Do not allow path options to be set to a boolean false value
  • 3d7aff9d8 update all dependencies using latest npm to install them



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