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2 years ago

7.0.8 (2020-11-03)



  • 6cd3cd08a Support all conf keys in publishConfig
  • a1f9be8a7 #2074 Support publishing any kind of spec, not just directories


  • 545382df6 libnpmpublish@4.0.0:
    • Support publishing things other than folders
  • 7d88f1719 npm-registry-fetch@9.0.0
  • 823b40a4e pacote@11.1.12
  • 90bf57826 npm-profile@5.0.2
  • e5a413577 libnpmteam@2.0.2
  • fc5aa7b4a libnpmsearch@3.0.1
  • 9fc1dee13 libnpmorg@2.0.1
  • 0ea870ec5 libnpmhook@6.0.1
  • 32fd744ea libnpmaccess@4.0.1
  • fc76f3d9f @npmcli/arborist@1.0.8
    • Fix cannot read property 'description' of undefined in npm ls when package-lock.json is corrupted
    • Do not allow peerDependencies to be nested under dependents in any circumstances
    • Always resolve peerDependencies in --prefer-dedupe mode

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