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2 years ago

v7.0.0 (2020-10-12)




  • 15366a1cf npm-registry-fetch@8.1.5
  • f04a74140 init-package-json@2.0.0
    • 1de21dce0 fix: support dot-separated aliases defined in a .npmrc ini files for init-* configs (@ruyadorno)
  • a67275cd9 eslint@7.11.0
  • 6fb83b78d hosted-git-info@3.0.6
  • 1ca30cc9b libnpmfund@1.0.0
  • 28a2d2ba4 @npmcli/arborist@1.0.0
    • npm/rfcs#239 Improve handling of conflicting peerDependencies in transitive dependencies, so that --force will always accept a best effort override, and --strict-peer-deps will fail faster on conflicts.
  • 9306c6833 libnpmfund@1.0.1
  • fafb348ef npm-package-arg@8.1.0
  • 365f2e756 read-package-json@3.0.0

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