github notion-enhancer/notion-enhancer v0.9.0

a feature and cleanup update.

  • improved: halved the number of css rules used -> much better performance.
  • improved: font imports must be define in the mod.js so that they can also be used in
    the enhancements menu.
  • improved: tiling window-manager support (can hide titlebars entirely without dragarea/buttons).
  • improved: extensions menu search is now case insensitive and includes options, inputs and versions.
    the search box can also for focused with CMD/CTRL+F.
  • improved: extensions menu filters shown either a ✓ or × to help understand the current state.
  • improved: added individual text-colour rules for different background colours.
  • improved: added variables for callout colouring.
  • improved: replaced with helpers.getNotion() with the constant helpers.__notion to reduce
    repeated function calls.
  • improved: added variables for page width.
  • improved/bugfix: emoji sets extension should now work on macOS and will change user agent to use
    real emojis instead of downloading images when system default is selected.
  • bugfix: enhancer settings should no longer reset on update (though this will not have
    effect until the release after this one).
  • bugfix: blue select tags are no longer purple.
  • bugfix: page titles now respond to small-text mode.
  • bugfix: weekly calendar view height is now sized correctly according to its contents.
  • bugfix: made the open enhancements menu hotkey configurable and changed the default to ALT+E.
    to remove conflict with the inline code highlight shortcut.
  • bugfix: update property-layout to match notion changes again.
  • bugfix: updated some of the tweak styling to match notion changes.
  • bugfix: block-level text colours are now changed properly.
  • bugfix: do not require data folder during installation, to prevent sudo attempting to
    create it in /var/root/.
  • bugfix: bullet points/checkboxes will now align properly in the right-to-left extension.
  • themes: "littlepig" (light + dark) = monospaced themes using emojis and colourful text.
  • extension: "font chooser" = customize fonts. for each option, type in the name of the font you would like to use,
    or leave it blank to not change anything.
  • extension: "always on top" = add an arrow/button to show the notion window on top of other windows
    even if it's not focused.
  • extension: "calendar scroll" = add a button to scroll down to the current week in fullpage/infinite-scroll calendars.
  • extension: "hide help button" = hide the help button if you don't need it.
  • extension: "bypass preview" = go straight to the normal full view when opening a page.
  • extension: "word counter" = add page details: word/character/sentence/block count & speaking/reading times.

notion-deb-builder has been discovered to not generate an app.asar and so is no longer supported.

latest releases: v0.10.2, v0.10.1, v0.10.0...
12 months ago