github notion-enhancer/notion-enhancer v0.8.0

complete rewrite with node.js.

  • new: simpler cli installation system (inc. commands: apply, remove, and check).
  • new: mod loading system (easier to create new mods, adds to notion rather than overwriting).
  • new: mod configuration menu.
  • improved: more theming variable coverage - inc. light theme and sizing/spacing.
  • bugfix: non-reproducable errors with python.
  • bugfix: better launcher patching on linux.
  • bugfix: fix frameless window issue introduced by notion desktop 2.0.9.
  • extension: "custom inserts" = link files for small client-side tweaks..
  • extension: "bracketed links" = render links surrounded with [[brackets]] instead of underlined.
  • extension: "focus mode" = hide the titlebar/menubar if the sidebar is closed (will be shown on hover).
  • theme: "dark+" = a vivid-colour near-black theme.
  • theme: "neutral" = smoother colours and fonts, designed to be more pleasing to the eye.
  • theme: "gameish" = a purple, "gamer-styled" theme with a blocky-font.
  • theme: "pastel dark" = a smooth-transition true dark theme with a hint of pastel.
  • extension: "emoji sets" = pick from a variety of emoji styles to use.
  • extension: "night shift" = sync dark/light theme with the system (overrides normal theme setting).
  • extension: "right-to-left" = enables auto rtl/ltr text direction detection. (ported from
  • extension: "weekly view" = calendar views named "weekly" will show only the 7 days of this week. (ported from]
  • extension: "property layout" = auto-collapse page properties that usually push down page content. (ported from
latest releases: v0.10.2, v0.10.1, v0.10.0...
13 months ago