github notion-enhancer/notion-enhancer v0.7.0

  • new: tray option to use system default emojis (instead of twitter's emojiset).
  • new: mac support (identical functionality to others platforms with the
    exception of the native minimise/maximise/close buttons being kept, as they integrate
    better with the OS while not being out-of-place in notion).
  • new: notion-deb-builder support for linux.
  • new: an alert will be shown if there is an update available for the enhancer.
  • improved: replaced button symbols with svgs for multi-platform support.
  • improved: window close button is now red on hover (thanks to @torchatlas).
  • bugfix: patched for linux.
  • bugfix: tray now operates as expected on linux.
  • bugfix: odd mix of \\ and / being used for windows filepaths.
  • bugfix: app no longer crashes when sidebar is toggled.
latest releases: v0.10.2, v0.10.1, v0.10.0...
14 months ago