github notion-enhancer/notion-enhancer v0.10.2

again, an emergency release for bugfixes.
not properly documented and new features have not yet been fully reviewed/edited.

  • new: side panel - adds an extra sidebar on the right for use by other mods,
    toggleable with ctrl+shift+backslash.
  • improved: notion icons uses spritesheets for faster loading of icons.
  • improved: icon sets can be hidden/toggled.
  • improved: toggles in the enhancer menu follow the same style as notion's toggles.
  • improved: separate quote font variable & option in the font chooser mod (--theme_[dark|light]--font_quote).
  • improved: option to hide the "page details" text for the word counter extension.
  • bugfix: notion icons tab is now visible in fullpage databases.
  • bugfix: code line numbers handles wrapped code blocks.
  • bugfix: file explorer no longer opens when enhancer menu is opened.
  • bugfix: enable the remote module in webviews (windows/tabs) for compatibility with the
    updated version of electron used by new notion builds (>= 2.0.10).
  • bugfix: add support for enhancing an app folder if there is no app.asar file present.
  • extension: "outliner" = table of contents in right sidebar.
  • extension: "panel sites" = embed sites on the site panel.
  • extension: "indentation lines" = adds vertical relationship lines to make list trees easier to follow.
  • extension: "truncated table titles" = see the full text of the truncated table titles on hover over.
9 months ago