github notion-enhancer/notion-enhancer v0.10.1

essentially a prerelease for v0.11.0: pushed out for urgent bugfixes during
exam/study weeks when there's no time to code a full release.

note that this means new features have not yet been fully documented and
may not be fully ready for ideal use yet. however, things overall will
work more reliably than v0.10.0.

  • new: different css entrypoints for different components (tabs, menu, app).
  • improved: use an svg for the scroll-to-top button.
  • improved: use a better-matching icon and add transitions to the property layout toggle.
  • improved: themes are directly applied to tabs and menu rather than sync-ed between (infinite loading).
  • improved: error message "is notion running?" --> clearer "make sure notion isn't running!"
  • improved: auto-shrink system for tabs (max of 15 open in a window).
  • bugfix: disable fadein of selected block halo with snappy transitions.
  • bugfix: increase contrast of --theme_dark--interactive_hover in dark+ and dracula.
  • bugfix: tabs are focused properly for input.
  • bugfix: keyboard shortcut listeners are stricter so they don't conflict.
  • bugfix: dots indicating draggability are no longer next to the tabs mod in the menu.
  • bugfix: prevent empty hotkeys from triggering every keypress.
  • bugfix: don't try loading an empty default page url (infinite loading).
  • bugfix: remove * { z-index: 1} rule so format dropdowns in table view can be opened.
  • extension: "topbar icons" = replaces the topbar buttons with icons.
  • extension: "code line numbers" = adds line numbers to code blocks.
  • extension: "notion icons" = use custom icon sets directly in notion.
  • tweak: vertical indentation/relationship lines for lists.
  • tweak: scroll database toolbars horizontally if partially hidden.
  • tweak: condense bullet points (decrease line spacing).
latest release: v0.10.2
10 months ago