github notion-enhancer/notion-enhancer v0.10.0

a flexibility update.

  • new: mods can be reordered in the menu to control what order styling/scripts are added/executed in.
    higher up on the list = higher priority of application = loaded last in order to override others.
    (excluding the core, which though pinned to the top of the list is always loaded first so theming
    variables can be modified.)
  • new: relaunch button in tray menu.
  • new: a core mod option for a default page id/url (all new windows will load it instead of the
    normal "most recent" page).
  • new: css variables for increasing line spacing/paragraph margins.
  • new: patch the notion:// url scheme/protocol to work on linux.
  • new: menu shows theme conflicts + a core mod option to auto-resolve theme conflicts.
  • new: a -n cli option.
  • improved: menu will now respect integrated titlebar setting.
  • improved: use keyup listeners instead of a globalShortcut for the enhancements menu toggle.
  • improved: overwrite app.asar.bak if already exists (e.g. for app updates).
  • improved: additional menu option descriptions on hover.
  • improved: listen to prefers-color-scheme to better change theme in night shift.
  • improved: platform-specific option overrides for features not required on macOS.
  • improved: made extra padding at the bottom with the "focus mode" extension toggleable.
  • bugfix: removed messenger emoji set as the provider no longer supports it.
  • bugfix: remove shadow around light mode board headers.
  • bugfix: properly detect/respond to EACCES/EBUSY errors.
  • bugfix: night shift checks every interaction,
    will respond to system changes without any manual changes.
  • bugfix: toc blocks can have text colours.
  • bugfix: bypass preview extension works with the back/forward keyboard shortcuts.
  • bugfix: (maybe) fix csp issues under proxy.
  • bugfix: remove focus mode footer from neutral theme + better contrast in calendar views.
  • bugfix: improvements to the colour theming, particularly to make real- and fake-light/dark
    modes (as applied by the night shift extension) look consistent.
    relevant variables (assuming all are prefixed by --theme_[dark|light]--):
    box-shadow, box-shadow_strong, select_input, and ui-border
  • bugfix: font sizing applied to overlays/previews.
  • bugfix: removed typo in variable name for brown text.
  • bugfix: primary-colour text (mainly in "add a _" popups) is now properly themed.
  • bugfix: right-to-left extension applies to text in columns.
  • bugfix: block text colour applies to text with backgrounds.
  • bugfix: font applied to wrong mode with littlepig dark.
  • bugfix: keep "empty" top bar visible in the menu.
  • bugfix: set NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance to false in /Applications/
    so system dark/light mode can be properly detected.
  • bugfix: make ctrl+f popover shadow less extreme.
  • bugfix: "weekly" calendar view name made case insensitive.
  • bugfix: re-show hidden windows when clicking on the dock.
  • tweak: sticky table/list rows.
  • theme: "material ocean" = an oceanic colour palette.
  • theme: "cherry cola" = a delightfully plummy, cherry cola flavored theme.
  • theme: "dracula" = a theme based on the popular dracula color palette
    originally by zeno rocha and friends.
  • extension: "tabs" = have multiple notion pages open in a single window. tabs can be controlled
    with keyboard shortcuts and dragged/reordered within/between windows.
  • extension: "scroll to top" = add an arrow above the help button to scroll back to the top of a page.
  • extension: "tweaks" = common style/layout changes. includes:
    • new: make transitions snappy/0s.
    • new: in-page columns are disabled/wrapped and pages are wider when
      the window is narrower than 600px for improved responsiveness.
    • new: thicker bold text for better visibility.
    • new: more readable line spacing.
    • moved: smooth scrollbars.
    • moved: change dragarea height.
    • moved: hide help.

a fork of notion-deb-builder that does generate an app.asar has been created and is once again supported.

latest releases: v0.10.2, v0.10.1
10 months ago