github nojhan/liquidprompt v1.12-rc.1
Version 1.12 Release candidate 1

1.12 is coming. There are only a few bugs left that I would say are in
scope for 1.12. They are #500, #511, #547, and #584. All related to
Unicode and inconsistant character sizes I think, but I can't reproduce

I won't commit to any timeline on the actual release, but unless I get
some bug reports or help with the above issues in the next week or so,
I'll probably release it.

Changes since v1.12-beta.1:


  • general: use LC_ALL=C everywhere parsable output is needed (#548, #549)
  • color: $LP_COLORMAP would break if customized with a different sized array (a70e80f)
  • color: _lp_color_map() would return nothing if the passed in value was outside the scale range (a70e80f, #455, #499, #604)
  • git: changed line check failing if file named "HEAD" existed (#517)
  • runtime: when runtime enabled, $_ would evaluate as _lp_runtime_before (#451)
  • runtime: when running a multipart command line (with pipes or ;), runtime would never show. Now shows runtime of whole pipeline (#614)
  • tmux: tmux not showing as multiplexer if custom $TERM set (#563)

Thanks to:

  • Markus Gebert (@mgeb) for suggested fixes in _lp_color_map()
  • Tore Anderson (@toreanderson) for suggested fixes and documentation
    around CPU and _lp_color_map()
  • Daniel Pinyol (@dpinol) for reporting git file named "HEAD" issue
  • Alyssa Ross (@alyssais) for reporting CPU and color issue
  • Gergo Szonyi (@gex) for reporting $_ issue
  • Joey Liu (@liujoey) for reporing Tmux detection issue
  • Nolan Leake (@nolanl) for reporting pipeline runtime issue
latest release: v1.12.0
pre-release2 months ago