github node-opcua/node-opcua v2.6.5

🐛 bug fixes

  • #805 FileType support, make sure handle can only be used by session that created it.
  • #806 FileType support, make sure that Method on FileType can be used to operated on a file object.
  • #804 Fixing monitoredItem to return sourceTimestamp when TimestampsToReturn.Source is specified
  • [bf4f822d98c214e0dcbd2d43cc86d0a0cc64b484] [d4424ecb22e7622cfd81f4aa5732718b180c8c89] [592389032e65b6b417cd5a680bf747ea4b0a9ac3] fix discovering of ExtensionObject defined in multiple namespaces.

🏇 enhancement

  • #796 expose deleteMonitoredItems
  • [bca147370c37c5615678e23dca514bef0f63c15c] improve server shutdown
  • decode ExtensionObject in Event Notficiation by using promoteOpaqueStruction on EventLists in client

👬 contributors

  • @Baum200 , @mstfldmr , Kaz, @demike @HelloHungryImDad
latest releases: v2.17.0, v2.16.0, v2.15.0...
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