github node-opcua/node-opcua v2.6.1
Better certificate verification , improved xml generation, readAggregate in client

This version introduces significant enhancements


  • better support for certificate verification in Server to conform strictly to the OPCUA Specfication and make CTT security test pass/

🅰️ Aggregates

  • [5a356fd747c3f65f5530064dc2a20fb6953ac7f7] ClientSession#readAggreateValue has been added 👏 @shreeramk
  • [69ebb4f999e2fedc7919e9b11b68b83a449dc9a2] [052c67c506dbf8afad581e9dec0576989b8abb8e] Minimum, Maximum and Average aggregate on server side

🐴 other

  • [bea5412b6ad58c41c46250fc001c92b5cc5426ab] for improve support for Variable containing ExtensionObjects (work in progress)
  • [81778cfd3747cc1d1339d95a3c197d4a6f572c1b] provides decoded extension objects instead of opaque structure monitoredItem.on("change",)
    (no need to use promoteOpaqueStructure inside DataChangeNotification in client MonitoredItem)
  • [15d08d7ab4900ad910ac594a0e36b1150019d8f6] improve handling of arrayDimensions in crawler
  • [9b40b9a0e9fad727c2c00fe029166db84a03a95d] export AccessLevel attribut to nodeset2.xml @DaniHaag

🐛 bug fixes

  • [835759fe7f8cced4855920d1240c85f5a970f548] fix monitored item sample and object comparaison
  • [b3bd8ae2e41b46c655eb8963cca5be2797f9e7fc] do not send value change notification if sourceTimestamp has not changed
  • [#785] fix TypeScript compiler Error exhibit by typescript 3.9 👏 @seang96
  • [#786] Bugfixes in simple-client-ts.ts and simple-client.js] 👏 @pirminkager
  • [#763] fix modeller readme 👏 @Mattross45


  • the complete Certificate chain is now verify up to the CA root cerficiate.
  • a revocation verification is also perform,
  • the enhancement in the certificate verification requires that the server is aware of the CA certificate of any connecting client that uses a Certificate emitted by this Certificate Authority.
  • this means that the CA certificate must be installed in the issuers folder of the PKI and its associated Certificate Revocation List (CRL) installed in the corresponding CRL folder.
  • Certificate verification will fail the connection if the CA certificate and its CRL doesn't preexist on the server.
  • certificates file can now be updated ( added /removed) by an external file. a running node-opcua server will now periodically rescan the certificate list so there is no need anymore to stop and restart the server when certificates files changes.

👬 contributors

  • @seang96 @shreeramk @pirminkager @Razzeee @DaniHaag @Mattross45
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