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Npcap 1.55

Installer and debug symbols available from . Npcap SDK 1.11 was released concurrently, with only minor changes to const-ness of some function parameters in Packet32.h and additional documentation on installer options.

  • Npcap installer can now recognize NetCfg status codes indicating that a
    reboot is required (0x0004a020, NETCFG_S_REBOOT), and will prompt the user
    to reboot. In silent mode, the installer will return code 3010 (0x0bc2,
    ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED) to indicate this result. Fixes #224.

  • Npcap installer's silent mode now offers better control over when to remove
    and reinstall an existing Npcap installation. Documentation has been updated
    for the new installation options /require_version, /require_features, and
    /force and will be published with the new Npcap SDK 1.11. Fixes #523.

  • Fixed an installation failure (0xe0000247) on Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 and
    earlier systems which have not updated root certificates. The root certificates
    are now installed to the Roots trust store. Fixes #233.

  • Fixed an issue since Npcap 1.30 where broadcast and subnet masks for adapters
    returned by pcap_findalldevs() were in host byte order, displaying values
    like "". Fixes #525.

  • Libpcap 1.10.1 has been updated to include some recent changes to the libpcap-1.10
    release branch which extend support to adapters with the NdisMediumIP media type,
    including Wireguard Wintun virtual adapters. Fixes #173.

  • Added specific bad-value checks for issues originating in other drivers which
    may be incorrectly attributed to Npcap. These checks, in combination with
    additional const qualifiers, should serve as assurance that Npcap is not
    modifying traffic during capture and cannot be responsible for such crashes.

  • Powershell commands launched by the installer are now run with the
    -NoProfile option. Fixes #529.

  • Npcap SDK minor change to add const qualifiers to parameters to several Packet.dll functions.

  • Npcap installer now uses Unicode internally. This may result in mixed-encoding install.log files.

14 days ago