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Npcap 1.50

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fixed #513 which prevented Npcap 1.40 from installing.

  • All PowerShell scripts installed or used during installation are now digitally signed.

  • Npcap can now be installed on Windows 10 for ARM64 devices. Both ARM64 and
    x86 DLLs will be installed, allowing existing x86 applications such as Nmap
    or Wireshark to run without modification.

  • Npcap SDK 1.10 release coincides with this release, providing updated
    documentation and libs for ARM64.

  • Npcap code now passes Microsoft's Static Driver Verifier for NDIS drivers and
    Visual Studio's Code Analysis "AllRules" ruleset. A couple of minor and
    extremely-improbable bugs were fixed in addition to general code cleanup and annotation.

  • On Windows 8 and 8.1, the Npcap driver has been updated to NDIS 6.30,
    supporting network stack improvements like RSC and QoS. Windows 10 still uses
    NDIS 6.50 and Windows 7 uses NDIS 6.20.

  • Npcap is no longer distributed with SHA-1 digital signatures. Windows 7 and
    Server 2008 R2 will require KB4474419 in order to install Npcap. All other
    platforms support SHA-2 digital signatures by default.

  • Streamlined loopback packet injection to avoid using Winsock Kernel (WSK)
    sockets. This removes a significant amount of complexity and overhead.

  • Due to Microsoft's deprecation of cross-signed root certificates for kernel-mode code signing,
    Npcap 1.40 may not install correctly on Windows versions prior to Windows 10.
    Our testing did not show any issues, but users who experience installation
    failures may use the /prior_driver=yes installation option to install the
    Npcap 1.31 driver instead, which has no such issues.

  • The "npcapwatchdog" scheduled task, which ensures the Npcap driver service is
    configured to start at boot, is now installed with a description when
    possible (Windows 7 does not support creating scheduled tasks via PowerShell).
    Fixes #498.

  • Fix an issue where installation under Citrix Remote Access or other
    situations would fail with the message "Installer runtime error 255 at
    76539962, Could not load SimpleSC.dll". Fixes #226.

  • Ensure driver signature can be validated on systems without Internet access
    by installing the entire certificate chain, including the chain for the
    timestamp counter-signature. This should address #233.

  • Fix an issue with comparing adapter names retrieved from the Registry. This
    prevented Npcap 1.31 from being used for SendToRx and other less-used
    features. Fixes #311.

  • Npcap driver no longer excludes adapters based on media type, which may allow
    capture on some devices that were previously unavailable.

latest release: v1.55
3 months ago