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Npcap 1.30

Installer and debug symbols available at

  • Restore raw WiFi frame capture support, which had been broken in a few ways
    since Npcap 0.9983. Additional improvements enable PacketSetMonitorMode()
    for non-admin-privileged processes, allowing Wireshark to correctly enable
    monitor mode via checkbox without requiring WlanHelper.exe.

  • Fixed WlanHelper.exe to correctly set modes and channels for adapters, if run
    with Administrator privileges. Fixes #122.

  • Improved speed of pcap_findalldevs() by using fewer calls to
    GetAdaptersAddresses() and avoiding direct Registry inspection. The new
    method may result in more adapters being available for capture than
    previously reported. See #169.

  • Updated Packet.dll to use modern HeapAlloc() allocation, faster than the
    legacy GlobalAlloc() inherited from WinPcap.

  • Improve error reporting from PacketGetAdapterNames() and related functions.

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5 months ago