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Npcap 1.10

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fixed an issue where our upgrade uninstaller would trigger the
    #1924 BSoD crash when upgrading from Npcap 0.9988 or older to
    version 0.9996 or greater. Fixes #268.

  • Improved handling of large packets when a very small user buffer size is specified, which could
    lead to stalled captures and dropped packets.

  • Fix a packet corruption issue when one capture handle sets a snaplen of exactly 256 bytes and
    another sets a snaplen of greater than 256 bytes and the packet size exceeds 256 bytes.

  • Fix accounting of free space in the kernel buffer so that bugs like the previous one do not cause
    space to be permanently lost, leading to dropped packets. Instead, use assertions to catch this
    condition in testing with the debug build.

  • Check that the npcap driver service is configured for SYSTEM_START in the npcapwatchdog
    scheduled task and correct it if necessary. Windows feature updates can modify this value.

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9 months ago