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Npcap 0.9996

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix a runaway memory leak triggered by low-resources condition leading to
    system hangs. Fixes #213.

  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_Read in some high-traffic cases. Fixes #206.

  • Fix a handle leak in Packet.dll when enumerating interfaces. Fixes #26.

  • Fix an inconsistency between return value and IRP completion status in
    NPF_Read when an adapter is removed. Driver Verifier would cause a bugcheck
    (BSoD) in this case, and pcap API functions would not detect an error.
    Fixes #217

  • Improved performance by reusing allocated packet data buffers and
    implementing DISPATCH_LEVEL tracking throughout the driver to speed up lock

  • When upgrading from compatible recent versions (currently Npcap 0.9985 and
    newer), the installer will unpack a new Uninstall.exe and NPFInstall.exe
    prior to removing the existing installation. This resolves issues with the
    uninstallation process such as were common in Npcap 0.9991 through 0.9994.

  • Upgraded build system to VisualStudio 2019 and WDK 10.0.18362.0

latest releases: v1.55, v1.50, v1.40...
13 months ago