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Npcap 0.9995

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  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_Read when NDIS filter module is detached from the
    adapter. Fixes #194

  • On Windows 10, the Npcap driver has been updated to NDIS 6.50 and Windows 10
    WFP compatibility, supporting network stack improvements like RSC.
    Fixes #196.

  • Correctly obey maximum frame size for an adapter by querying
    OID_GEN_MAXIMUM_TOTAL_SIZE instead of using MTU, which does not include
    space for the link layer header. Fixes #186.

  • Fix detection of processes using Npcap resources during uninstall or upgrade.
    The fix for #2015 had broken this so such
    processes were not terminated, leading to failed installations.

  • Obey snaplen (pcap_set_snaplen()) even if a packet filter is not set. This
    is a backported change from upstream libpcap that corrects a deficiency that
    has been present in all previous versions of WinPcap and Npcap.
    Fixes #201.

  • Improvements to object pool/slab allocator to allow nonpaged memory to be
    freed when not in use.

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