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Npcap 0.9994

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  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_ReleaseOpenInstanceResources due to miscounting of
    number of open Loopback capture instances. Fixes #185.

  • Fix corrupted and missing packets in Npcap 0.9992 and 0.9993 due to reusing a
    data structure that already contained packet data.

  • Fix a crash in NPFInstall.exe that happened when trying to rebind Npcap to
    the network stack as part of some installations. Reported by Microsoft App
    Assure ISV Outreach Team.

  • When multiple packets are indicated in a single FilterReceiveNetBufferLists
    callback, only get a single timestamp for all of them. Avoids extra calls to
    KeQueryPerformanceCounter or KeQuerySystemTimePrecise which only ended up
    measuring Npcap processing delay, not actual packet arrival time.

  • Fix a potential NULL pointer deref issue in Objpool.h macros if an
    allocation were to fail and return a NULL pointer.

  • Fix parsing of pnputil.exe output that resulted in Npcap drivers not being
    cleared from the DriverStore before installing or upgrading. This led to
    older drivers being preferred in some cases, such as installing an unsigned
    driver in test mode.

  • Move all capture- and injection-related initialization code out of
    NPF_OpenAdapter, improving efficiency of operations like listing adapters
    or performing OID requests without starting a full capture.

  • Added SAL annotations to most driver functions to improve static analysis.
    Found one issue related to using a NULL NDIS handle in an allocation
    function, which is not supported on Windows 7.

  • Allow driver to load even if there is a problem initializing loopback capture
    or injection functions. The loopback capture device will simply be
    unavailable in that case.

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