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Npcap 0.9993

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix a BSoD crash in NPF_DoInternalRequest triggered by suspending the
    system while a capture is running. Added source annotations to allow static
    analysis to catch bugs like this in the future. Fixes #181.

  • Fix a bug introduced in Npcap 0.9992 which caused loopback capture to fail if
    any loopback capture had been previously started and finished.

  • Fix packet length calculation for loopback capture. The packet length was
    being counted twice, leading to junk data being appended to captured packets.

  • If installation fails for any reason other than a failure to uninstall the
    previous version of Npcap, the current version's uninstaller will be used to
    clean up any partial installation. The only remaining files will be the
    install.log and NPFInstall.log in the Npcap installation directory.
    Fixes #170

  • Replaced ReadWriteLock mechanisms with improved NDIS_RW_LOCK_EX new in NDIS
    6.20 for improved performance.

  • Moved object pool for captured packets from the filter module (adapter)
    object to the open instance (pcap handle) to allow memory to be recovered
    after a capture is closed.

latest releases: v1.55, v1.50, v1.40...
15 months ago