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Npcap 0.9992

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Npcap issues are now tracked on their own Github Issues
    , separate from Nmap issues. Many existing
    issues have been migrated, and issue numbers may have changed.

  • Rewrote the kernel packet capture buffer code again to avoid requiring a
    separate worker thread. Instead, captured packets are held directly in a
    synchronized queue. The worker thread introduced in Npcap 0.9991 was unable
    to keep up with the volume of packet requests, leading to buffer bloat and
    reduced performance.

  • Avoid initializing loopback capture-related functions and processing packets
    as soon as an adapter is opened. This will improve performance since adapters
    are opened as part of listing adapters.

  • Fix a crash in NPFInstall.exe when terminating processes which are using
    Npcap resources. This could lead to failed installations and message windows
    about "A LWF & WFP driver installation tool has stopped working."

  • Update Npcap from NDIS 6.10 to NDIS 6.20, which limits its compatibility to
    Windows 7 and higher. Closes #167.

  • Fix a bug in Npcap 0.9991 which prevented packets from being captured until a
    BPF filter had been set. Fixes #168 (migrated
    from nmap/nmap#2037).

  • Allow capture statistics and captured packets remaining in the buffer to be
    retrieved when an adapter is removed. Fixes nmap/nmap#2036.

  • Use WMI instead of the Windows 10-only Get-NetAdapter Powershell cmdlet in
    the DiagReport tool. Fixes nmap/nmap#611.

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