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Npcap 0.9991

Installer, SDK, and debug symbols available from

  • Switched our code signing certificate back to DigiCert after some users found
    older Windows versions could not validate the signature on our driver for
    versions 0.9985 through 0.9990. The driver is again dual-signed with SHA-1
    and SHA-2 certificates. See #2012

  • Major changes to management of Npcap driver's circular packet buffer,
    switching from per-CPU unshared segments to a single worker thread managing a
    queue of work items. This improves buffer utilization, reduces the amount of
    time spent processing in the network stack, and should reduce packet loss.
    See #1967.

  • Several performance-related improvements to the NDIS filter driver: Switched
    from SpinLocks to ReadWriteLocks for several crucial shared data structures,
    which will improve performance by reducing resource contention on
    multiprocessor systems, and introduced an object-pool allocation pattern for
    several frequently-used short-lifetime objects, improving performance by
    reducing memory allocations.

  • Again restore "unused" NDIS filter callbacks which cause Windows 7 to lose
    connectivity when they are removed. See #1998.

  • Include debug symbols for wpcap.dll in our debug symbols zip file at . Fixes #1844.

  • Fixed #1996: heap corruption in
    NPFInstall.exe since Npcap 0.9989 leading to hung installs when the "raw
    802.11 traffic" option was checked.

  • Fixed #2014: Npcap OEM silent install
    produced a dialog when installing over an existing installation of the same

  • Uninstaller improvements related to removing the installation directory,
    properly killing processes using Npcap DLLs, not leaving a partial
    installation if a step fails. Fixes #2013
    and #2015.

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