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Npcap 0.9989

Installer, debug symbols, and SDK available from

  • Fix a BSOD crash in NPF_OpenAdapter due to reading past the end of a
    string. Fixes #1924

  • Fix a BSOD crash (NULL pointer dereference) in NPF_Restart.
    Fixes #1964.

  • Fix a memory leak in the Loopback WFP filter. Additionally, WFP callbacks
    will be unregistered when all loopback captures are closed, reducing impact
    of related code when not in use. Fixes #1966.

  • New Packet.DLL function PacketSetTimestampMode() allows a user program to
    set the method used to timestamp packets as they arrive. See #1775.
    Supported modes are:

    • TIMESTAMPMODE_SINGLE_SYNCHRONIZATION - default monotonic timestamps based
      on KeQueryPerformanceCounter()
    • TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME - low-precision wall clock time based on
    • TIMESTAMPMODE_QUERYSYSTEMTIME_PRECISE - high-precision wall clock time
      based on KeQuerySystemTimePrecise(), new in this release and only
      available on Windows 8 and newer. See #1407.
  • Remove some problematic timestamp modes:
    TIMESTAMPMODE_RDTSC was x86-only and not suitable for multi-processor
    systems. See #1829.

  • The Npcap SDK 1.05 will be released to include the new
    PacketSetTimestampMode() function.

latest releases: v1.55, v1.50, v1.40...
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