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Npcap 0.9988

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • If a capture is in progress when the system is suspended, it will continue
    without interruption after the system is woken. This also prevents capture
    interruptions when the OS makes certain network stack changes.
    Fixes #1903.

  • If the npcap driver is stopped, Packet.dll will attempt to start it
    automatically. This feature requires Administrator privilege and had been
    removed in Npcap 0.9983. Fixes #1911.

  • Fix the check for fragmented packets in loopback capture.
    Closes PR #22.

  • Eliminate clone/block/inject pattern from loopback capture except for packets
    already injected by Npcap. Should fix #1529
    and #1789.

  • Fix an issue in the Npcap OEM installer where silent mode would not detect a
    failure to install the npcap driver. Fixes #1910.

  • Improve the installer to avoid broken installations and allow the installer
    to continue if a broken installation is detected. Fixes #1935.

  • Formally removed support for Windows Vista and Server 2008 r1, which are no longer supported by Microsoft either. This allows us to support newer Windows WFP and NDIS features for better performance and compatibility. Folks who must still run these ancient Windows releases should use Npcap version 0.9984 from;O=D. That was the last Npcap release to support the old (and less secure) SHA-128 driver signatures required by these Windows Vista/2008. Please note that Windows Server 2008 r2 and Windows 7 are still supported in this release even though they have also passed their Microsoft end-of-life dates.

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