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Npcap 0.9987

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • Fix an issue where Npcap begins dropping large packets, then smaller ones
    until finally all packets are dropped. Our fix changes the way remaining free
    space in the kernel buffer is calculated, which ought to prevent the free
    space accounting from drifting from reality. Fixes

  • Fix a potential race condition when opening the loopback capture adapter. If
    two threads simultaneously determine that the WFP filters need to be
    registered, each may open a handle to the WFP engine using the same global
    pointer, leading to a double-free when the second one tries to close the

  • Allow Packet.dll and the npcap driver to skip loopback-related operations,
    including WFP and WSK setup, if the LoopbackSupport Registry key is set
    to 0. This configuration will not be supported by the installer, but may
    serve as a workaround for problems that may be related to Npcap's loopback
    traffic capture and injection capability.

  • Ensure open handles to the Service Control Manager are closed on error in
    PacketGetFileVersion. Fixes #1882.

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