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Npcap 0.9985

NOTE: An issue was found with the Npcap 0.9985 installer that prevents it from installing on Windows 8.1 or earlier. Npcap 0.9986 resolves this issue.

Installer and debug symbols available from

  • The Nmap Project's (Insecure.Com LLC) code signing certificate has been
    renewed, and no longer exists as a SHA-1 certificate. Windows Vista and
    Server 2008 may therefore not recognize the digital signatures on the
    filter driver so a warning may be presented upon install. Please note
    that Microsoft is ending support for these operating systems in January 2020.

  • WinPcap API-compatible mode no longer installs a separate filter driver.
    Packet.DLL will translate NPF device names so that they are all serviced by
    the npcap.sys driver. The npf.sys driver has been removed. See

  • Improve the speed of pcap_findalldevs by reducing the number of calls to
    GetAdaptersAddresses, removing a redundant function call, and improving
    buffer reallocation. Patch by Tomasz Moń

  • Temporary DLLs unpacked during installation are now signed with our code
    signing certificate.

  • Fixed a bug in the uninstaller preventing downgrades to prior versions of
    Npcap. On 64-bit Windows, the driver file npcap.sys was not properly
    removed, and Windows would not replace it with any older version. Fixes

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