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Npcap 0.9984

Installer and debug symbols available at

  • Update libpcap to 1.9.1. See the libpcap CHANGES file for this release. This update addresses several CVE-identified vulnerabilities.

  • Address several code quality issues identified by Charles E. Smith of Tangible Security using Coverity source code analysis.

  • Fixed processing of the "enforced" value for several command-line installer options. Fixes #1719.

  • The DisplayName value in the Uninstall registry key for Npcap no longer includes the version number, which has always been available in the DisplayVersion value. Instead, it will include the product name and edition, e.g. "Npcap" or "Npcap OEM". This value will also be recorded in the Edition value under the npcap service's Parameters registry key.

  • Fixed a couple of issues with the DiagReport tool used for bug report diagnostics: remove extraneous partial output lines (#1760), and avoid relying on the Server service to determine privilege level (#1757).

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22 months ago