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Npcap 0.9981

Installer and debug symbols available from . Npcap 0.997 was never publicly released; these are the changes since Npcap 0.996:

  • When upgrading Npcap, do not uninstall the existing Npcap until the user
    clicks the Install button. Previously, the existing Npcap was uninstalled
    prior to the first options screen, so that canceling the upgrade left no
    working Npcap on the system.

  • Redefine the I/O control codes used by Npcap using the CTL_CODE macro to
    ensure proper access control and consistent parameter passing. This is not a
    published API, but the change will require that Packet.DLL and the npcap
    driver are the same version.

  • Fix a 1-byte overrun in NPFInstall.exe when killing processes with Npcap DLLs
    in use.

  • In cases where PacketOpenAdapter is given an adapter name in UTF-16LE,
    translate it to ASCII before doing string operations on it. See

  • Significant reorganization of internal data structures to reduce memory use
    and initialization overhead.

latest releases: v1.55, v1.50, v1.40...
2 years ago