github nmap/npcap v0.994
Npcap 0.994

Executable installer and debug symbols available at .

  • Fix the installer options screen, which would immediately proceed to
    installation when you clicked on the "Support loopback traffic" option. Fixes

  • Use the /F option to SCHTASKS.EXE in the installer so that the
    npcapwatchdog task can be successfully overwritten if it is present, though
    newer uninstallers also remove the task. Fixes #1580.

  • Fix the CheckStatus.bat script run by the npcapwatchdog scheduled task to
    correctly match output of reg.exe on non-English systems. Fixes

  • Improve synchronization between WFP (Loopback) and NDIS (control) functions
    within the driver, which ought to improve stability during system
    sleep/suspend events, particularly an access violation in
    NPF_NetworkClassify observed via Microsoft crash telemetry.

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2 years ago