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Npcap 0.993

Installer, SDK, and debug symbols available from

  • Complete the fix for #1398 that was only
    partially applied in Npcap 0.992. Due to this partial fix, the user-provided
    buffer was double-freed, resulting in a BAD_POOL_CALLER BSoD. This issue
    was separately reported as #1568, and has been
    issued the identifier CVE-2019-11490.

  • Fix output of pcap_lib_version to again report "Npcap version 0.993, based
    on libpcap version 1.9.0" instead of "libpcap version 1.9.0 (packet.dll
    version 0.992)". Npcap 0.992 was the only version affected. Fixes

  • Fix a regression in loopback capture that was causing the loopback adapter to
    be missing from pcap_findalldevs until the driver was manually stopped and
    restarted. Fixes #1570.

  • Remove installer interface option "Automatically start the Npcap driver at
    boot time." Command-line and registry settings are still respected, but
    automatic start will be the default for all new installations, since manual
    start results in delays in network connectivity at boot. See

  • Avoid interpreting null or uninitialized memory as out-of-band media-specific
    information for purposes of constructing the Radiotap header when capturing
    in raw 802.11 monitor mode. Fixes #1528.

  • Ensure the uninstaller removes the npcapwatchdog scheduled task.

  • Avoid an uninstaller failure if DLLs and executables are in use during
    uninstall by causing them to be deleted at reboot. See

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