github nmap/npcap v0.991
Npcap 0.991

Installer and debug symbols available from . Note the version number structure change.

  • Fix a bug in the BPF packet filter engine that caused capture filters with
    byte offsets to reject packets due to fragmentation within NET_BUFFER
    structures. See #1406 and

  • Fix a bug that caused several network device drivers to crash when using the
    pcap_sendqueue_transmit function, due to queued network packets being
    allocated from paged memory that paged out before the drivers accessed it.
    See #1398.

  • Fix a crash (SYSTEM_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M) in WSKCloseSocket due to
    double-free, reported via Microsoft crash telemetry.

  • Fix a BSOD inherited from WinPcap triggered when PacketGetStats is called
    with low system resources. See #1517.

  • Properly quote the path to the CheckStatus.bat script in the
    npcapwatchdog scheduled task. See #1513.

  • Fix errors when installing in WinPcap API-compatible mode over WinPcap when
    Npcap install directory does not already exist. See

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