github nmap/npcap v0.99-r1
Npcap 0.99-r1

Executable installer and debug symbols available at

  • New Internal Use licensing option for Npcap OEM for users who need silent
    installs or more than five computers, but do not want to pay for
    redistribution rights.

  • Improved installation of the Npcap Loopback Adapter, ensuring it can be
    correctly removed and reinstalled.

  • Packet.DLL now only looks in the driver service's Parameters Registry key
    for installation options; in future releases, Npcap may stop writing these
    options to the HKLM:\Software\Npcap registry key.

  • When NpcapHelper.exe is used for UAC elevation, the pipe it uses to
    communicate with the calling process is now restricted to the user SID of the
    calling process. Previously, any user could cause NpcapHelper to obtain
    handles to other devices, though the handles were only valid for the calling

  • Performed Visual Studio Code Analysis on Packet.DLL and cleaned up several
    code health issues.

  • Improved debug logging, error checking, and diagnostics throughout.

latest releases: v1.55, v1.50, v1.40...
3 years ago