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Npcap 0.96

Binary installer may be downloaded from

  • Set the *IfType, *MediaType, and *PhysicalMediaType registry values for
    the Npcap Loopback Adapter. The values set should reduce the amount of
    configuration that Windows attempts to do on the adapter, preventing it from
    being labeled "Unknown Network."

  • Record the ID of the Npcap Loopback Adapter in the registry when creating it,
    instead of only in the installer. This allows users to remove and create the
    adapter with NPFInstall directly, without requiring a reinstallation of Npcap.

  • Expand the Npcap public license to allow 5 installations rather than only 1.

  • Fix memory layout and accounting when writing Radiotap headers in raw 802.11
    monitor mode. Fixes nmap/nmap#1001
    nmap/nmap#1028, and nmap/nmap#1036.

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3 years ago