github nmap/npcap v0.95
Npcap 0.95

Binary downloads available from

  • When upgrading, existing installation options will be retrieved from the
    Registry. Command-line installer options will still override these.

  • The installer detects Win10pcap as distinct from WinPcap; since the installer
    cannot uninstall Win10pcap, WinPcap API-compatible mode will be disabled in
    the installer when it is present. Fixes #999.

  • The file is no longer dual-signed; since it was not a PE
    executable, only one signature is supported. The invalid signature was
    causing some installation failures. Fixes #994.

  • Silent installs will not downgrade the Npcap version unless the new
    /downgrade=yes option is given. Any version of Npcap OEM
    will be considered a "newer version" than any non-OEM version.

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3 years ago