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Npcap 0.06 r7: Added changing option feature for silent installation

R7.2: Now VMware VMnet adapters can be seen in Npcap.

R7.1: Attention: This release has been updated to R7.1, please download again!

The original R7 version has a severe bug that causes malformed packets to be captured. Please use the latest R7.1 version.

R7: An example of changing option feature for silent installation is:
npcap-nmap-0.06-r7.1.exe /S /admin_only=no /loopback_support=yes /dlt_null=no /vlan_support=yes /winpcap_mode=yes

  1. The above example shows the default value. e.g., if you doesn't specify the key /admin_only, it will take the default value no. This is the same with the GUI.
  2. The keys are case-insensitive.
  3. The values are case-sensitive, only two values are permitted: yes or no.
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