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Npcap 0.06 r14: Fixed the captured incorrect packet length (usually 2048) bug on VirtualBox VMs

npcap-nmap-0.06-r14.exe: Fixed the captured incorrect packet length (usually 2048) bug on VirtualBox VMs. Thanks Komosa for reporting this bug!

npcap-nmap-0.06-r14-wifi3.exe: This special -wifi version Npcap will supply Native 802.11 headers with radiotap information instead of fake Ethernet headers for wireless adapters.

WlanHelper.exe: Run this tool to switch your wireless adapter into Monitor Mode. -wifi version Npcap will do better with Monitor Mode (can see more types of packets, like QoS Null function, CF-Poll, etc). You can only see QoS Data and Data types of packets in Extensible Station Mode.


If you have installed a -wifi version Npcap before, install a normal version again will still give you 802.11 packets instead of fake Ethernet packets. The cause is Windows cached some driver configurations about the old version Npcap (like the -wifi version).

The solution is:

  1. Download the DriverStore Explorer [RAPR] tool from Microsoft: and run Rapr.exe (you may need to install the correct .Net framework to run this program).
  2. Click on Enumerate, select all the drivers the Pkg Provider of which are Nmap Project and click on Delete Package. (Nmap doesn't have another Windows driver except Npcap, so you can feel safe to clear all Nmap driver's cache)
  3. Reinstall the normal version Npcap, this time Npcap will behave correctly for wireless adapters by providing fake Ethernet headers.
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