github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 3.2.9

18 days ago

WINDOWS USERS: The installer format has changed in Nicotine+ 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from Nicotine+ 3.1.1 or earlier, please uninstall Nicotine+ first (this will not remove your existing settings).


  • Reduced memory usage when browsing large shares
  • Fixed a crash on some systems after running for a few days
  • Fixed an issue where some private messages were ignored after a user reconnected
  • Fixed an issue where downloads with long file names could fail on eCryptfs file systems
  • Fixed an issue where the displayed total percentage of folder transfers was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the tray icon could disappear after locking the screen

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Messages are wonky (#2329)
  • Current download progress reflects single download instead of total (#2373)
  • Download I/O error: [Errno 36] File name too long (#2375)

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