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5 months ago

WINDOWS USERS: The installer format has changed in Nicotine+ 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from Nicotine+ 3.1.1 or earlier, please uninstall Nicotine+ first (this will not remove your existing settings).


  • Added F6 shortcut to move keyboard focus to the headerbar/toolbar
  • Added an option to clear all uploads with a "User logged off" status
  • Removed AppIndicator dependency in favor of custom tray icon implementation


  • IMPORTANT: Fixed a regression where uploads to slskd users were stuck at "Transferring"
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed an issue where private messages from offline users were ignored
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed an issue where certain uploads were incorrectly marked as "Cancelled"
  • IMPORTANT - OpenBSD: Fixed a regression where incoming peer connections did not work
  • Fixed a crash when uploading large files on a 32-bit system
  • Fixed an issue where redundant protocol messages could be sent to the server indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where UPnP did not work on MikroTik routers
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar would get stuck if a share browse request ended abruptly
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where network drives could not be shared
  • Flatpak: Fixed an issue where the GUI was not translated to the system language

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Clear Finished also clears uploads/downloads with "User logged off" status (#2081)
  • Scanning taking many hours (#2173)
  • Users can't connect to me after upgrade to 3.2.5 (transfers don't work) on OpenBSD (#2175)
  • Some bugs in Nicotine+ v. 3.2.5 (#2184)
  • Search Files: Keyboard shortcut to focus search bar (#2186)
  • Offline messages not popping up in tabs (#2189)
  • Samba Share hosted by Linux, mounted on Windows Failing (#2190)
  • Can't exit Room tabs when internet connection is off (#2192)
  • The flatpak version of Nicotine+ is using the wrong language (#2194)
  • Uploads partly broken (#2197)
  • Error code 725: OnlyPermanentLeasesSupported (#2200)
  • Critical error (#2215)
  • OverflowError (#2216)

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