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7 months ago

WINDOWS USERS: The installer format has changed in Nicotine+ 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from Nicotine+ 3.1.1 or earlier, please uninstall Nicotine+ first (this will not remove your existing settings).


  • Optimized performance when many shared files and file transfers are present
  • Implemented mouse wheel scrolling on tabs to change the active page
  • Search results from ignored users are no longer shown
  • Added total file size and duration of selected files to the File Properties dialog
  • Added text-to-speech toggle buttons for individual private chats when TTS is enabled
  • Usability improvements to several main window components and dialogs
  • Reddit and Test Replier plugins are no longer included by default, moved to examplars on GitHub
  • Various translation updates (thanks to our many contributors on Weblate)


  • IMPORTANT: Fixed a CPU hogging issue when thousands of file transfers were present
  • Fixed issues where downloads failed if the path or file name was very long (thank you @AtticFinder65536)
  • Fixed an issue where folder downloads did not always save subfolders into the correct location
  • Fixed an issue where the estimated total time remaining for folder transfers was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where clearing all file transfers did not remove transfers completely
  • Fixed a rare crash when downloading files onto certain (latin-1) filesystems
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the upload speed reported in outgoing search results compared to user info
  • Fixed an issue where dark mode was used when light mode was enabled on some systems
  • Unmaximized size of the main window is now remembered after the window is maximized
  • Reduced memory usage after closing search tabs with many results
  • Flatpak: network folders can now be shared
  • Various minor bug fixes

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Forcibly re-queue uploads that stop due to an error such as "Can't connect" (#1563)
  • Support paths longer than 260 characters on Windows (#1728)
  • UnicodeEncodeError when downloading file (#1980)
  • Nicotine+ always on dark mode regardless of my settings (#1983)
  • High CPU Usage pegs a single core (#1998)
  • Weird behavior when I download a whole folder with multiple subdirectories (#2004)
  • Don't freeze/crash without xdg-open (#2005)
  • Unicode encode error (#2015)
  • Russian translation updated (#2016)
  • Time Left for folder and user same as for currently active file (#2018)
  • Time Left column regression (#2020)
  • Clear ALL downloads, Clear ALL uploads not working (#2023)
  • User note saves when pressing Cancel (#2036)
  • Please show completed transfer speeds in the upload tab. (#2082)
  • Column headings overlapping in the downloads tab (#2090)
  • Sort similar users by interest (#2096)
  • Change the cursor to a finger when it's over links (#2101)
  • [3.2.3.rc2] Critical error (UI window with bug report) (#2116)
  • Lists of shared files not human-readable (#2118)
  • [3.2.3.rc2] Exception thrown when highlighting several uploads & selecting "Clear" (#2124)

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