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12 months ago

WINDOWS USERS: The installer format has changed in Nicotine+ 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from Nicotine+ 3.1.1 or earlier, please uninstall Nicotine+ first (this will not remove your existing settings).


  • Show file size in bytes in addition to factorized size in the File Properties dialog
  • Disallow setting listening ports below 1024, which is in the operating system privileged range
  • /exit /quit and /q commands respect the 'When closing Nicotine+' preference
  • Prevent visual lag in chats by displaying new messages in the GUI before writing them into the log file
  • Simplify the Public room feed layout and mention the actual room name in text-to-speech messages
  • Check whole words for username mentions in chat rooms to avoid raising notifications for subwords


  • IMPORTANT: Prevent random upload timeouts of large files if the remote user has a slow or limited download speed
  • Incomplete downloads are restarted if the file contents change on the uploader's end
  • Fixed a regression where users could not be added to private rooms
  • Fixed a regression where certain uploads could fail with a 'Cannot connect' status
  • Fixed an issue which prevented uploads slots from opening while a privileged transfer was in progress
  • Fixed a race condition where previously queued uploads were wrongly denied during rescan on startup
  • Fixed a rare issue where a download could restart endlessly if the file is unreadable on the uploader's end
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading stored downloads that contain erroneous filename data
  • Fixed broken folder structure when downloading folders containing multiple levels of subfolders
  • Fixed a crash loop if a text-to-speech message with an invalid syntax is set
  • Fixed an issue where ban messages could not be sent to a user with a banned IP address
  • Fixed an issue where folder names could not be copied with the Ctrl+C shortcut
  • Fixed a rare crash when changing the color of tab labels
  • Fixed the behaviour of auto-away messages which are now sent as often as required and displayed locally
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic column width sizing when double clicking column separators
  • Fixed the sort order of the Time Elapsed and Time Remaining columns in the Downloads and Uploads views

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Chat mentions with 1 character username (#1790)
  • Sort order time elapsed is off for uploads over an hour (#1795)
  • Just crashed on windows insider 11 slow ring (#1875)
  • Translations Bug when Autoconnect is off (#1884)
  • Crash (Gtk tab color) (#1889)
  • Auto Size Column Does Not Fit Username, Folder or Filename (#1901)
  • Transfers Cancelling Randomly (#1911)
  • Nicotine+ doesn't open: Value: 'int' object has no attribute 'split' error (#1917)
  • Upload Slots Not Opening (#1933)
  • Departure during the copy action Nicotine+ 3.3.0.dev1 (#1938)
  • Note editing no longer opens by double-clicking? 3.3.0.dev1 (#1939)
  • Nicotine+ does not preserve the folder structure when downloading (#1940)

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