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WINDOWS USERS: The installer format has changed since Nicotine+ 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from Nicotine+ 3.1.1 or earlier, please uninstall Nicotine+ first (this will not remove your existing settings).


  • Optimized overall performance and stability related to Soulseek server and peer connections
  • Optimized performance and improve robustness of the round robin queue system (thank you @toofar)
  • Optimized scrolling performance and avoid FPS drops when scrolling large lists containing country flags
  • Optimized parent row expansions when adding new search results and transfers into tree views
  • Optimized loading performance of downloads/uploads history and avoid unnecessary saving of transfer lists
  • Optimized loading performance and reduce memory usage of open chat tabs
  • Optimized connection initialization performance when uploading to certain users
  • Changed the chat log filename replacement character from - to _ in room names containing an illegal character
  • Changed display of items in the Uploads transfer list to virtual folder paths instead of local folder paths
  • Added display of local folder paths for local items in the File Properties dialog
  • Added direct folder and file browsing with slsk:// URLs in the Browse Shares text entry
  • Added new Ukrainian translation (thank you @uniss2209)
  • Lots of updates to the translations (thanks to our many contributors on Weblate)


  • CRITICAL: Fixed a crash vulnerability when receiving a download request with a malformed file path (affects version 3.0.3 and later)
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed an issue where uploads could become stuck in the transfer queue forever
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed an issue where language translations were not automatically applied on Windows and macOS
  • Fixed a regression where pausing a download doesn't actually pause it if translations are used
  • Fixed an issue where downloads failed to start if the temporary incomplete filename is more than 255 characters
  • Fixed an issue where paused downloads started downloading in a random order when resumed
  • Fixed a regression where the bandwidth status indicator failed to update if the transfers tab was inactive
  • Fixed broken scrollbar when changing active page in the Preferences dialog
  • Fixed labels of UI elements in the Russian translation (thank you @SnIPeRSnIPeR)

Issues closed on GitHub

  • After using Clear on an uploaded item, it gets removed, but then returns (#1745)
  • Direct Connection Fails (#1748)
  • I cannot see my profile info and picture like I am able to on other user's profiles (#1751)
  • All file paths are reversed (e.g. /home/foo/Downloads -> /Downloads/foo/home/) (#1759)
  • Logs mention "privileged" users not "prioritized" users (#1764)
  • Add an option to print full paths relatively to their share (#1775)
  • Can't connect to soulseek network - specified ports unusable (Windows 11) (#1778)
  • Windows 11: [3.1.1] Just crashed on Win 11 insider ring (#1777)
  • [3.2.0.dev1] Unknown config option 'show_private_results' (#1779)
  • [3.2.1.dev1] Crash on adding user to buddy list (#1792)
  • Windows/macOS: Can't change language in app (#1796)
  • [3.2.1.dev1] Occasional crash (#1798)
  • [3.2.1.dev1] Country_Code related Critical Error since update to Mint 20.3 (#1806)
  • Increase network speed update time (#1817)
  • [3.2.1.dev1] GTK 4: Closing private chat tab can crash Nicotine+ (#1821
  • When a filename is 255 characters long (#1825)
  • Excessive memory usage when browsing large shares (#1826)
  • Windows: Couldn't write to log file "/mu/.log" (#1828)
  • Windows: "String too long" crash on notification popup (#1829)
  • Windows: Spaces at the end of directories are trimmed when creating (#1835)
  • Connect to remote host? (#1839)
  • Error message appeard while trying to exit the client (#1850)
  • [3.2.1.rc2] Crash when resuming transfers (#1853)
  • Way to handle lots of small files on your upload queue (#1865)

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