github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 3.1.1

latest releases: 3.2.9, 3.2.8, 3.2.7...
19 months ago


  • Downloads denied with 'Too many files' or 'Too many megabytes' are now re-queued every 12 minutes
  • Leech detector plugin opens private chat user tabs by default when sending complaints


  • IMPORTANT: Fixed an issue where recently queued files were uploaded before older files (LIFO queue behavior)
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to search files in joined rooms
  • Queue positions are now properly updated for queued uploads
  • Certain special characters needed to receive proper search results are no longer removed from search terms
  • Fixed an issue where decimals were truncated before being saved (e.g. in the 'Anti SHOUT' plugin)
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect user tab was opened when issuing the /msg command

Issues closed on GitHub

  • non US locale float type variables in plugins cannot be filled (#1462)
  • Files uploaded in a random order (#1463)

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