github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 3.0.5

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23 months ago


  • Replaced previous country flag icons with clearer ones
  • Improved performance when selecting a large number of transfers
  • Queue positions and failed downloads are now checked every three minutes instead of every minute, to reduce stress on the uploading user
  • Performance improvements for long buddy lists
  • Added a dropdown menu button in tab bars for unread notifications


  • Custom media player and file manager commands no longer reset after a restart
  • Fixed an issue where scanning of shared files malfunctioned if the UI didn't load in time
  • Fixed a critical error when a new room was joined while country flags were disabled
  • Fixed a critical error when attempting to add wishlist items while disconnected from the server
  • Fixed a critical error when attempting to use the /rescan chat command
  • Fixed a rare case where Nicotine+ could crash on startup
  • 'Send to Player' for files downloaded to a custom folder no longer fails
  • Private room operators are once again able to add users to the room
  • When browsing your own shares, viewing recently shared downloads no longer requires a restart
  • Attempting to download files of disconnected users now displays the 'User logged off' status immediately
  • Column widths of the currently selected user browse tab are now saved
  • Unified chat completion behavior of chat rooms and private chats
  • UI customizations are once again applied to the preferences dialog
  • Corrected the behavior of 'Abort User's Uploads' button in the uploads view
  • Text-To-Speech messages no longer overlap each other
  • Minor behavioral corrections related to file transfers

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Download Folder function doesn't work from search when uploader is offline (#511)
  • nicotine crash, (#1040)
  • Crash on startup (#1041)
  • Replace usage of Gtk.Menu with Gio.Menu (#1045)
  • critical error when exit user browse tab (#1192)
  • Version 3.0.4 flagged by Windows Defender (#1329)
  • critical error crash (#1333)
  • File Manager and Media Player events are buggy (#1335)
  • Filtering on file type causes crash (#1337)
  • The shared folders are not shared anymore (#1338)
  • Pausing a download (#1339)
  • copy search team Bug (#1348)
  • Can't save files.db: [Errno 13] (#1352)

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