github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 3.0.3

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24 months ago


  • Refactored download queuing to use the same system as the official client
  • Improved reliability and performance of the upload queue
  • Added a popup that appears whenever a critial error occurs in the program


  • Nicotine+ now starts properly when invalid download filters are detected
  • The configuration file no longer resets when running out of disk space
  • Improved reliability of downloading folders containing special characters from certain clients
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now functional on non-Latin keyboard layouts
  • Upload bandwidth limits are no longer incorrectly applied when upload slots limits are enabled
  • Reaching a specified upload speed limit no longer interferes with max bandwidth/upload slot limits
  • Illegal file path characters are now replaced before downloading a file, to prevent issues with FAT/NTFS drives on Unix-based systems
  • Directly searching a user's files now functions properly
  • In predefined search filters, the state of the 'Free Slots' filter is now saved properly
  • If user browse/info tabs were closed, they no longer reopen when loading new information
  • Fixed a few behavioral issues related to chat notifications
  • Fixed issues related to incorrect user statuses being displayed in some cases
  • The correct status color is now displayed for usernames in past private chat messages
  • Leaving the public room is possible once again
  • Avoid unnecessary network traffic related to number of shared folders and files
  • Reduced memory usage on Windows and macOS

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Version 3.0.1 and 3.0.2's Nicotine+.exe detected as a virus by Malwarebytes (#1012)
  • Username Wrong Color in Chat (#1013)
  • free slot setup (#1014)
  • 'invalid operation on closed shelf' while rescaning shares (#1016)
  • Complete file remains in Incomplete Downloads folder (#1019)
  • User's shared file list cannot be saved to disk, due to a mismatch in the number of arguments on function call. (#1024)
  • Deprecated messages related to privileges? (#1025)
  • line 716 (#1026)
  • line 707 (#1029)
  • line 666, (#1030)
  • Problems with new interface in 3.0 (#1033)
  • line 642 (#1037)

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