github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 3.0.1

latest releases: 3.2.9, 3.2.8, 3.2.7...
2 years ago


  • Improved UI performance when loading many search results
  • Main menu can now be opened using the F10 key
  • The list of keyboard shortcuts can now be opened using Ctrl+?
  • Away status is now remembered between sessions


  • Fixed several issues causing the status of an upload to be stuck if the user logged out
  • Fixed a few chat room commands that did not work previously
  • Fixed an issue where country flags were missing for some users that rejoined a room
  • Several improvements and bug fixes to the plugin system
  • Flatpak: added support for MPRIS in the Now Playing-feature
  • Windows: fixed an issue where root directories could not be shared
  • macOS: fixed an issue where Nicotine+ would crash on startup on some systems

Issues closed on GitHub

  • New installation in Big Sur. Doesn't scan shared folders. (#899)
  • Download speed after restart (#918)
  • Pluginsystem related issues, views and ideas [Updated] (#990)
  • [Windows] Certifi not installed (#996)
  • Enable CTCP-like private message responses (client version) Bool (#998)
  • Sharing a whole hard disk drive content doesn't work (#999)
  • CTCP_VERSION broke (#1001)
  • v3.0 not starting on macos big sur 11.2.1 (#1002)
  • Make opening of Window's file manager (File Explorer) more generic (#1004)
  • missing python req in (#1006)

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