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2 years ago


  • Introduced a new design utilizing header bars (to use the old design, uncheck Menu -> View -> Use Header Bar)
  • Improved UI responsiveness when scanning shares
  • Improved UI performance when multiple tabs are open
  • Added transfer statitics dialog
  • Added help window for keyboard shortcuts
  • Added an option to set a global font
  • Added support for text completion when typing in the search entry
  • Added a "Browse Folder" option for search results
  • Search results can now be filtered by file type
  • Added an option to clear search and filter history
  • Columns can now be reordered by dragging them to the desired location
  • Context menus for tabs now include an option to close all tabs
  • Added context menu items for viewing and deleting logs (chatrooms, private chat, log pane)
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to close tabs (Ctrl+W / Alt+F4)
  • Context menus can now be opened by long-pressing on a touch screen
  • Context menus can now be opened with the keyboard (Menu Key / Shift+F10)
  • The number of selected files is now visible in context menus
  • Added an option to copy the file path of a selected file using Ctrl+C
  • Added file properties dialog for user browse
  • Improved the default color scheme
  • Several other minor improvements


  • Fixed an issue where upload speed limits were not applied on startup
  • Fixed an issue where UPnP portforwarding did not succeed with certain routers
  • Fixed an issue where enabling the geographical paranoia option would prevent search results from being delivered to others
  • Fixed issues where certain uploads would be stuck in a "Cancelled" state
  • Fixed a Windows-specific issue where the config file did not always save
  • Fixed an macOS-specific issue where opening a folder did not work
  • Fixed an issue where custom commands registered in plugins did not work
  • Several other minor corrections

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Nicotine will not login to server (#904)
  • File not shared ! (#905)
  • Backup of the slide position in the user browse tab (#908)
  • Save share list to disk => user tab (#909)
  • Double-clicking on shares (#917)
  • Fix viewing of shared files (#919)
  • WinError 3, "the system cannot find the path specified" (#920)
  • Replace usage of GtkComboBox with GtkComboBoxText (#921)
  • certificate expired (#922)
  • Cyrillic characters don't display correctly in chat rooms (Unicode issue?) (#925)
  • Log windows scroll back to begin after any new entry. (#926)
  • Config resetting when quitting and opening again (#934)
  • nicotine.po (#936)
  • Bug: Browsing your own shares with "Share only to buddies" enabled isn't possible via User browse (#940)
  • Bug: Displayed shared files count in Chat rooms / User info inconsistent (#941)
  • Feature Request: Clear filters button (#944)
  • Feature Request: Allow regular expressions in Country field of Search Filters (#946)
  • Config Bug: WinError 32 + WinError 2: Can't rename config file, error & The system cannot find the file specified (#949)
  • Feature Request: Clear Search Result Filter History (#950)
  • Feature Request: A method to quit via Tray Icon (#951)
  • Windows Bug: Can't bring Nicotine+ to the foreground if one of its popup windows are open (#953)
  • Windows Bug: Preferences popup window is slow to open on occasion (#954)
  • Now Playing (#957)
  • Filtering by "10m" gives files >=10MiB, but filtering "10MiB" gives files >=9.54MiB (#961)
  • Setting Plugin /commands (#962)
  • Feature Request: Search Wishlist: Change "Select All" Button to "Clear All" (#963)
  • Feature Request: Indication that a search tab was opened automatically by the wishlist (#964)
  • Feature Request: Option to choose the search result filter's tab bar position (#965)
  • Bug: Clearing all active filters requires double-Enter for next filter attempt (#966)
  • MacOS 11.1 Open folder fails (#970)
  • MacOS 11.1, open folder opens the wrong directory (#971)
  • MacOS 11.1, wrong flag in buddy list (#972)
  • New bundled UPnP is not working (#973)
  • Replace GtkFileChooserButton with a custom button widget (#975)
  • Windows: Toggle show / minimize app on taskbar icon click (#976)
  • Feature Request: Enable tooltips for long strings that are cut off by another column (#977)
  • What is causing the log "Filtered out inexact or incorrect search result ... from user X"? (#979)
  • Bug: Private chat tabs closed/discarded without manually doing so (#983)
  • Bug: Unable to reliably close search tabs via middle mouse button click (#984)
  • Feature Request: Log Viewer / Context menu items to browse logs in system text editor (#986)
  • Failure to report buddy shares (#988)

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