github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 2.2.0

latest releases: 3.2.9, 3.2.8, 3.2.7...
2 years ago


  • Modernized the default icon theme and several parts of the UI
  • Searching for file names containing special characters returns more search results than previously
  • Reduced the number of connectivity issues when transferring files from and to other users
  • Downloading folders recursively works properly again
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts, since the old ones conflicted with accelerator keys
  • Tray icons are properly detected in more cases
  • User browse and user info tabs now open immediately when requesting info for users
  • Show info message if user shares can't be loaded
  • Minor performance improvements when uploading a lot of files
  • Slightly improved startup times
  • Improved UI responsiveness when browsing your own shares
  • Added option to minimize Nicotine+ to tray on startup
  • Added "Now Playing Search" plugin for searching files based on data from songs playing in your media player
  • Added "Now Playing Sender" plugin for automatically sending names of songs playing to select chat rooms
  • Builtin plugins load properly on Windows again
  • Modified config backup behavior to not back up the config if "Cancel" is pressed in the file chooser
  • Shares lists saved in older versions of Nicotine+ can now be loaded again
  • Peer-to-peer (direct) private messaging works properly again
  • Fixed a crash when checking for stuck downloads (regression in Nicotine+ 2.1.2)
  • General usability improvements to macOS builds
  • Removed option to stop responding to search requests for certain time periods
  • Removed dbus-python, libnotify, miniupnpc, pytaglib and xdg-utils dependencies, as functionality is now handled by Nicotine+
  • Multiple under-the-hood code improvements and code style changes, as well as smaller bug fixes

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Brew OSX Install (#58)
  • a separate program for database scanning (#443)
  • Failed to map the external WAN port: Invalid Args (#597)
  • After requesting user info put that user's info tab on top. (#651)
  • Feature request: share and/or cache message connections to remote clients (#663)
  • Search Now playing (#664)
  • Compile pytaglib for Python 2 or 3? - Error Trying To Run 2.1.1 (#726)
  • Follow X Session Management Protocol (#729)
  • sometimes, nicotine eats all memory (#750)
  • provided extentions doesn't load (#761)
  • Enabled plugins are no more activated at startup (#762)
  • Plugin properties aren't editable (#763)
  • some users aren't browsable (#766)
  • tray icon problem (#767)
  • Connection issue (#768)
  • Uploads Cancelled (#784)
  • Download recursive (#790)
  • not sure if this is a bug or something else (#791)
  • Can't scan any songs (#798)
  • Search problem? (#822)
  • windows unstable build can't rebuild shares (#829)
  • Nicotine 2.1.2 fails to launch in FreeBSD due to missing pytaglib (#843)
  • Download Recursive (#844)
  • Option to start application hidden when tray icon enabled (#864)
  • Missing application icon from window list (#879)
  • Python 3.8 Crashes (#882)

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