github nicotine-plus/nicotine-plus 2.1.1

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2 years ago

Version 2.1.1 (26 September 2020)


  • Improved speed limit calculations for file transfers
  • Added option to enable dark mode theme
  • Added option to copy a previous search term when right-clicking a search tab
  • Replaced text search dialog with search bar
  • If mutiple file transfers are in progress, the UI now updates properly
  • Auto-joining the public chat room now works properly
  • Copying text with Ctrl-C now works properly again
  • Added option to log debug messages to file
  • Several minor bug fixes

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Please put whole search string after/before "results: x/y" (#383)
  • replace log search function with search/filter thingybob, send logs to logfile. (#387)
  • Transfer connection initiation following an unallowed (queued) transfer response (#653)
  • Minor issues to fix for 2.1.1 (#659)
  • Windows 10 dark theme support (#661)
  • Wrap filters into one line (#669)
  • Public room cannot be auto-joined (#672)

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