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2 years ago

Version 2.1.0 (12 September 2020)


  • Major performance improvements when rescanning shared files and sending user browse responses to others
  • Several performance and stability improvements related to connections and file transfers
  • Several Windows fixes regarding memory leaks, unresponsiveness and issues when starting Nicotine+
  • Reduced memory usage while rescanning shared files
  • Consistent startup times no matter the number of shared files.
    On large file shares, this cuts down startup times from tens of seconds to 1-2 seconds, depending on your hardware.
  • Numbers are now appended to the file names of duplicate downloads
  • Your personal upload speed is no longer reported as 0 B/s
  • In folder/user grouping mode, selecting a user or folder now allows you to retry/cancel all downloads under them
  • Added quick-access checkbox for enabling/disabling private room invitations
  • Replaced ticker banner with room wall, which displays individual messages from room users
  • "Send to player"-feature is functional again
  • Queue position of downloads is now asked automatically
  • The wishlist feature now works as intended, sending one search at a time instead of three. Wishlist items can also be renamed.
  • Improved notification settings
  • Improved readability in search results and transfer views
  • Several other UI fixes and improvements
  • A rare issue where all tabs were hidden on startup has been fixed
  • Using non-Latin characters in the Windows client now works properly again
  • The Windows installer size was reduced from ~40 MB to ~25 MB
  • The Windows installer now removes old Nicotine+ system files before updating installations
  • Removed support for detachable tabs due to low usage and bugs
  • Replaced Mutagen with pytaglib for audio file metadata scanning due to performance issues

Issues closed on GitHub

  • Brew OSX Install (#58)
  • Flatpak build (#102)
  • Fix remaining GTK warnings (#290)
  • right click user implicitly selects all files downloading from that user. (#308)
  • two cds saved in the same folder (#313)
  • Fatal error detected" when trying to run Nicotine on Windows 10 (#413)
  • RAM usage (#416)
  • if no close button on tabs it's not possible to close User search file notebook (#428)
  • Question; what diff between scanning and rebuilding share ? (#430)
  • notify sharelist is empty (#434)
  • double click is received on selection despite being performed on blank space (#437)
  • align columns text to left, right or center (#438)
  • url catching stop to work since update of 2 days ago (#457)
  • Font worrie > (#458)
  • progress bar stuck at 100% (#454)
  • Question : how to auto-join a room ? (#464)
  • Every you can right click a user, but not in the chat, there it's left click. (#466)
  • Tree view expand/collapse is not respected on new transfer (#473)
  • application content is not diplayed properly with tabs set to side (#474)
  • Completed downloads are re-Queued (#477)
  • search tab "close thistab" missing if 3 tabs are open (#481)
  • close button in About Nicotine+ doesn't work (#485)
  • Wishlist has issues with chinese characters (#498)
  • Wishlist - Ability to rename wishlist searches (#499)
  • Certain searches don't stop even after closing the tab, restarting the program, and/or disconnecting and reconnecting to Soulseek (#520)
  • stacktrace: struct.error: required argument is not an integer (#527)
  • something goes wrong .... (#529)
  • Warning: unknown object type 'bool' in message 'pynicotine.slskmessages.FileSearchResult' (#535)
  • regression on open files on OpenBSD (#536)
  • Chat messages went nowhere and I got this trace. (#545)
  • filter out unspecific searches (#551)
  • Mouse cursor does not indicate draggable borders (#552)
  • Network share issue (#559)
  • possibly worrie with upload stuck in connecting state if folder uploaded (#564)
  • Let user choose for International flag (#569)
  • Search -> Right Click -> Download folder(s) does nothing (#574)
  • Some weird characters prevents download of file (#578)
  • some margin lines are missing (possible qt/gtk issue) (#593)
  • arrows are missing from the tree view collapse/expand (#594)
  • Nicotine Freezes With Too Many Transfers (#609)

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