github nicolargo/glances v3.1.7
Glances 3.1.7

Enhancements and bug corrected:

  • Security audit - B411 #1025 (by nicolargo)
  • GPU temperature not shown in webview #1849 (by nicolargo)
  • Remove shell=True for actions (following Bandit issue report) #1851 (by nicolargo)
  • Replace Travis by Github action #1850 (by nicolargo)
  • '/api/3/processlist/pid/3936'use this api can't get right info,all messy code #1828 (by nicolargo)
  • Refactor the way importants stats are displayed #1826 (by nicolargo)
  • Re-apply the Add hide option to sensors plugin #1596 PR (by nicolargo)
  • Smart plugin error while start glances as root #1806 (by nicolargo)
  • Plugin quicklook takes more than one seconds to update #1820 (by nicolargo)
  • Replace Pystache by Chevron 2/2 See #1817 (by nicolargo)
  • Doc. No SMART screenshot. #1799 (by nicolargo)
one month ago